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Announcing April's Spotlight Customer: Stacy J!

2:30PM April 19, 2023

We are thrilled to support local artist and business owner Stacy of Art by Stacy J. Hearing Stacy’s story reminds us exactly why we chose to do this rural broadband buildout for our community!

Stacy J will be able to resume her art classes since participants will now have access to her guest WiFi--plus she will be able to accept payment through online services. Also, she can expand her network and work with authors from around the globe to help create more children’s books, many of which can be purchased locally! Not only will she be able to work with more authors, but now she can work more efficiently. Before, Stacy would have to load her work onto a flash-drive and then go to a family member’s house to upload her images to the authors. But now, she has the ability to work on projects in real-time, whether it’s through a shared online document or a zoom call. 

"The world’s been opened up to us! We can order pizza now! Ha! But more importantly, we can get in touch with emergency services, I can work with authors from around the world, I can finally post online and actually keep up with orders! It’s truly limitless now," said Stacy J. 

Checkout some of Stacy J's work at artbystacyj.com!

Stacy, thank you again for sharing your broadband story! 

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