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SyncGlobal introduces Crossbeam, the residential internet brand

2:58PM October 29, 2021

We have two announcements we are excited to share with you!

1. Construction of the phase 1 fiber buildout is starting now, with initial customer activations slated to begin in the second quarter of 2022.

2. To shine a light on the work we are doing to help solve the rural broadband gap in West Georgia, we developed a brand for the fiber-to-the-home internet service we will soon offer. The new brand is Crossbeam. Appropriate for a company that specializes in fiber optic broadband services, the Crossbeam name and logo represent intersecting beams of light. In a fiber optic network, data is transmitted as pulses of light through fiber strands made of glass. Symbolically, the light illuminates and connects us to each other as we unite to share and communicate our communities’ values.

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