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The Launch of #TurnUpTuesday

12:21PM August 30, 2022

Today, we launched #TurnUpTuesday on our Facebook page, @CrossbeamFiber!

 This update will be a little bit different from our #FiberMileFriday, because it won't always be just a  number! (In case you missed it, we are up to a total of 367 constructed miles of fiber throughout the Phase 1 service area!)

Sometimes, we will post an update with the most up to date number of customers, though other times, it  could be what areas we are currently doing turn ups in, or even what areas will be scheduled for the next  round of activations.

So, stay tuned, because it will always be something new!

To kick off our first #TurnUpTuesday, we have just a little update for you!

We are still in the beta stage providing service in an intentionally small initial activation zone with a limited  number of potential subscribers. To date, we have approximately 25 subscribers who have either been  activated or are scheduled for activation. But we anticipate advancing beyond our beta zone in the  coming  weeks! Exciting news!!

We are hoping to be able to share some more specifics about what's next on the following #TurnUPTuesday update! So, feel free to check in on our page for the upcoming updates!

As always, we appreciate your patience and understanding, as we truly cannot wait to serve YOU!

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